Fact is, there are so many varieties of bra options, it is therefore very important to know the styles of bras available to you and to know those that will FIT you correct and comfortably. 



 You could be looking for either comfort or cleavage, With our easy bra style guide find the right shape to suit you, your breast and your boudoir's clothing closet. 

What to wear with Strapless Bra Style

This bra will stay in place with the removal or repositioning of straps. Support created from the underband only. It is ideal for most shapes, although larger breasts should look for stronger fabrics and firmer wires.

A strapless bra is perfect for wearing under dresses or tops with exposed shoulders.  

What to wear with Balconette Bra Style

A common bra style, available padded and non-padded. Balconette bra has wide-set straps, horizontal neckline. Support is from the base of the cup. It works well with fuller or wider set breasts that need to be lifted and supported. Individuals with slightly narrow shoulders may find that this style is not the best for their shape and may try a plunge or full cup instead. 

Balconette Bra is one of the bras that can be worn on the regular and is ideal for low-cut square necklines                        What to wear with Moulded Bra Style

A traditional style that lays flat against the body. This bra type is an essential everyday bra, usually without cup seams so as to create a smooth silhouette for example under your t-shirts. The moulded bra is ideal for breasts where nipples face ‘east-west’, or different sized breasts - removable padding helps even you out. If you have a very full breast, moulded styles might dig in rather go for a non-padded version with a stretch top cup.  

T-shirts and loose or form-fitting outfits are at their most ideal look when moulded bra is worn underneath.  

What to wear with Wireless Bra Style

Just like its name, it is known as a soft bra. Support mainly come from the fabrics, components and fit but straps may sit narrower on the shoulders as this is also where support is created. Wireless bra is great for small breasts that do not need wired support or a very large breast where wires may be uncomfortable. Bear in mind that this bra will not provide you with maximum cleavage.  

Most clothing goes well with this type of bra, particularly slightly higher necklines as most are available in full-cup styles.   

What to wear with Sport Bra Style

A sports bra is designed and engineered to provide support to breasts, typically women's breasts, during physical activity. Sports bras can either encapsulate or compress breasts. Bras that encapsulate breasts have molded cups, while compression-type bras restrict movement by flattening the breasts.  

Sport Bra can be worn during working out. This type of bra offers different levels of support depending on what kind of activity you are up to on that particular "active" day. Different physical activities require different levels of breast control. Yoga, walking and gardening require LIGHT control; bicycling, power walking and hiking require MODERATE control, tennis, soccer, and jogging require FIRM control; and running, boxing and horseback riding require MAXIMUM control.   

What to wear with Nursing Bra Style

A nursing bra is specialized to provide additional support to women who are lactating and allows comfortable breastfeeding without the need to remove the bra. This is accomplished by specially designed bra cups that include flaps which can be opened with one hand to expose the nipple. The flap is usually held closed with a simple clasp or hook.

Clothing that works ideally with a nursing bra is those that are; nursing, wraps, or button-down dresses. You may not want to wear dresses without front buttons. 

What to wear with Plunge Bra Style

A plunge bra is an extremely popular bra style that vanishes under deep necklines mostly available in a padded version. It bears a shallow center front that helps create cleavage particularly with less coverage than a full cup or balconette. It is ideal for most women, but particularly those with narrow shoulders or shallow breasts. If you have large full breasts, a full cup bra might be more comfortable with a slightly deeper center front.  

This type of bra is ideal for low-cut tops and dresses.   

What to wear with Full Cup Bra Style

A fuller coverage bra style ideal for the larger cup. Full Cup bra offers increased coverage and support usually with slightly wider straps. It is often available in lots of different fabrics and colors. It is ideal for large breasts or breasts with shallow top cups and a fuller bottom cup. If you have small breasts this is quite a covering option, maybe try a half cup instead (which is the bra style to be discussed next below, scroll down).  

Full Cup bra can be worn with anything. It is a typical t-shirt bra, they’re comfortable enough to wear with anything you want.

 What to wear with Half Cup Bra Style

A half-cup bra is also known as a shelf bra or demi bra. It has a very low cut, and its primary purpose is to give a fuller look to the breasts and to create a revealing cleavage. It covers about three-fourths of the breasts and offers full support. Generally, demi-cup bras work best on small to average breasts, as they do not have very much coverage. If you have large breasts this is quite a shallow covering option, maybe try a full cup instead (which is the bra style discussed just above, scroll up).  

Half cup bra or demi-cup bra is the best for low cut, scoop neck or wide necklines as the top of the cups are low and the straps are wide apart.   

What to wear with Masectomy Bra Style

A mastectomy bra is specially designed for women who have undergone amastectomy, or a lumpectomy, and do not want to have re-constructive surgery.  This bra can be worn with breast prostheses. Post surgical bras are made with specially designed discreet pockets inside the cups in which the prosthetic breast sits to create a natural feminine breast shape.

What to wear with Multiway Bra Style

The multiway bra has straps are able to be repositioned into a one-shoulder style that can go from straight to criss-cross, as well as halterneck, and strapless. Most of this kind of bra features firmer elastic to help the bra stay in place. The multiway bra also has a slightly lower center front to avoid showing. It works for most shapes, although larger breasts should look for stronger fabrics and firmer wires. It must be mentioned though that if you are looking for something super comfortable this might not be your go-to style.  

The multiway bra works well with strapless, or one arm tops clothing and mostly evening wear.  

What to wear with Quarter Cup Bra Style

A quarter cup bra leaves little to the imagination. It is more of a fashion undergarment than being functional due to the lack of full bust support. It is not suitable for bigger and lesser firm breasts.

A quarter cup bra can be worn over clothing such as a tight lace top like we have mentioned that it is more of a fashion statement undergarment or it can be worn alone under a blouse depending on your preference.